Our mission
Our mission is to offer delight to our audiences with seductive pyrotechnic creations, always spectacular and full of emotion. We understand that pyrotechnics is an art, an act accordingly ! Passionate design, careful development of each show concept, a clever and responsible team, advanced technology and thirst for new challenges are the keys to our breathtaking performances. They are the core of the Pyro Events Team - Fireworks Design activity. We want to set new standards in the Romanian pyrotechnics art. We want to exalt our audiences and promote in the whole country the fascination for the pyrotechnic art.

"I often use the word 'joy' when describing fireworks. It is a considered word, deliberate in choice. Not just amusement, entertainment, or astonishment, but joy. Our art makes us all into children again for awhile. We become one in our experience for the moment, lost in the sound and color and light. We see large forces, stronger than we could ever be, yet beautiful in their effects. Sometimes violent, sometimes restrained. Delicate beyond imagination at times, coarse and rude at others. Deadly force, dangerous, dirty stuff. Crafted with sweat. Controlled by the artist. Bringing joy to many. Bringing joy.." - Bill Withrow