Christian Czech (General Manager, Pyrovision Gmbh Austria) about us:
"Pyro Events Fireworks Design Romania is one of our most trustful logistic and design partners. As many of our projects are large-scale events we teamed-up several times with Pyro Events Team in creating memorable events. Their professionalism, their capacity to deal with complex tasks, precise planning, their skillfull and talented team and their attention to artistic details and work safety were always impressive. This is why we like to cooperate with them many times and we always shared great success. Our company Pyrovision recommends their work and is ready to join Pyro Events in any challenging project. With the right funding, planning and vision, there is 'no mountain high enough' for this company. Mihai Bondria and his team managed always to be professional, open-minded, dynamic and adapting, creative and visionary and choosing them for any large scale event in Romania would make a really logical choice.."